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Since 2017, our team has been knee deep in the Amazon space. Starting out rather quietly, we started building our first Amazon stores. As the word spread, we started receiving requests from friends and family to help them build their Amazon stores. Word spread quickly after that and within a few years, we were managing over 100 stores, mostly for people who came to us from word of mouth.

Eventually, we decided to go all in on Automation, and started scaling up our operation by setting up warehouses, large teams, and growth specialists. Fast forward to today, and we manage well over 200 happy clients making passive income.

Selling products on Amazon should be a staple in every smart investors portfolio, but that doesn’t mean it comes easy. Instead of going through the stressful and expensive trial and error to find success Amazon, you can now work with professionals who know what they were doing so you can do it right the first time.  



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Anis Serri

CEO & Founder

Halou Wang

COO & Founder

Care Team

Arlo Alansari

Warehouse Manager

Bernie Lebedev

Account Executive

Laurent DeAngelo

HR Manager

Richard White

Account Manager

Danielle Marco

Account Manager

Artem Guteirez

Warehouse Lead

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